Why MarCraft?

MarCraft HVAC Systems are completely custom, which is an incredible advantage when you need to think outside the box to get an HVAC system to work for your application.

So why custom?

MarCraft’s custom units are designed to last longer, require less maintenance, deliver high efficiency and free up more useable floor space in the building-making them the perfect solution for any project’s unique needs.

We can incorporate other devices or features that aren’t available in commercial grade equipment, such as energy recovery, high particulate filtration, stacked units, special footprints and non-traditional construction materials.

A variety of systems are available, including Straight Air Tunnel, Desiccant Dehumidifiers, Custom Package Penthouse and Custom Mechanical Rooms.

Benefits of a custom HVAC system include:

Better management of flows and pressures due to higher quality components

Unit configurations to accommodate architectural features or limitations

Lower leakage

Selection of materials and components to improve performance (acoustical treatment and various coatings)

Lower conducted losses/condensation

Packaged heat reclaim

Unit configurations to accommodate existing conditions

Vestibules to house piping, pumps, and accessories

Specialized HVAC configuration for system performance or application

Higher Quality exterior construction; longer product life

While the initial capital cost may be higher vs. commercial grade units, custom systems can pay for themselves because they are designed to last longer, require less maintenance and often are much easier to maintain, can be designed with operating efficiency in mind, and can free up more usable floor space in the building if designed properly.