Penthouse Systems

MarCraft Fully Integrated Penthouse Systems are built to high quality standards to ensure long operating life. Each Penthouse unit is customized to meet specific project requirements, incorporating the best in innovation, quality, performance and value guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Penthouse systems typically incorporate many devices and features that aren’t available in commercial grade equipment often integrating the traditional “mechanical equipment” with the HVAC equipment.

Features of our Penthouse System include:

Energy Recovery
High Particulate Filtration
Factory Installed Piping
Single Point Power Connections
Simplified Project Management and Field Installation
Design Flexibility
Factory Mounted Controls
Stacked Units
Special Footprints
Non-traditional Construction Materials
Evaporative Condensing Units
Boilers and Associated Equipment/Piping
Domestic Hot Water Supply
Building/Facility Electrical Distribution Systems
Air Cooled Condensing Units
Medical Gas Equipment
Elevator Gear

Instead of allocating prime building space to boilers, chiller, pumps and piping, purchasing a roof-mounted Penthouse unit transforms every square foot into revenue generating space. Mechanical first-costs can also be significantly reduced when a MarCraft TRUCustom Penthouse unit is specified. Standard features like rugged, metal standing seam roofs and drip lips over the doors and around the unit help ensure the integrity of the Penthouse unit. Our quality construction techniques keep our cabinets air-tight and ensure the operating efficiency of the units for many years with typical design life of 30+ years.

MarCraft is experienced in manufacturing modular mechanical systems of nearly any size and shape. Because each piece of equipment is custom-designed, flexibility is built into every system to meet the requirements of the customer and the site.