The MarCraft System

MarCraft can design an air handling system around your criteria whether it is sound sensitive, 100% outside air, package penthouse, mixed use facilities, desiccant dehumidification, high filtration, low temperature systems, custom pumping/chiller packages, etc.


Key Features of the MarCraft System

Integrated factory piping & controls
Centrally located to serve customers across the USA
Prepared to design & build AHUs ranging from 20,000 CFM to greater than 400,000 CFM.
Proudly manufactured in the USA
Designed from a blank sheet of paper
Factory assembled and tested, reducing on-site problems while providing very high quality equipment at a competitive cost
Available to provide full design assistance, resulting in reduced project time and cost
Retrofit applications to fit any space and any shape.
Full factory custom systems offer one call for warranty claims
With more factory installed components and features, such as piping and controls, MarCraft reduces field labor and install time for faster occupancy
Install one high-quality, fully tested, custom air handling system instead of several commercial grade units – lowering project costs for installation, start-up, maintenance and energy consumption
Reduced maintenance costs as a result of serviceability and high-quality components
Special materials and designs available for applications such as lab facilities, hospitals, surgery centers, ocean/corrosive environments, food production facilities and other clean room applications
Heavy-duty construction designed for 50 year product life, two times the life expectancy of standard commercial or “light” custom products means you will most likely retire before your MarCraft system does.