System Specifications
System Specifications

MarCraft Custom HVAC Systems are built using the best technology available with our time-honored craftsmanship process, which results in the highest quality product possible. With an equipment life of 50+ years, the MarCraft System a customer purchases will be the only one needed during their career.

Design for any size requirement
2″ – 4″ wall and roof panels for greater thermal and acoustical performance
Low leakage construction – less than 1% at 15″ w.c.
Access panels for removal of all coils and fan wheels
Wash-down systems for food manufacturing and other applications
Internal floor pan for water retention – no internal seals below floor pan lip to reduce any possible leaking of water into wall panel/insulation
Fan assembly run test and dynamic balance at the factory
Stainless steel cooling coil frames and baffles that extend coil life and promote IAQ
Full structural steel base
Well-known component manufacturers used for easy service and parts availability
Full custom penthouse capabilities
Thermal breaks
Special materials of construction and/or coatings
Chilled water/hot water/steam/DX piping
Indirect/Direct-Fired gas heating
Single point power connections
Full electrical distribution system
Evaporative Cooling systems
Explosion proof and anti-spark systems
Ultra-violet light systems
Variety of filtering options
Service vestibules
Energy recovery
Integral “Plug and Play” controls packages that can tie into building control system
Start-up/installation supervision
Unit design and engineering assistance
Large energy recovery
Stringent sound criteria
2 x 2 fan array
Stainless steel drain-pans in cooling coil sections to prevent rust and promote IAQ
In-house full piping capabilities