A true custom manufacturer; our MarCraft engineers take a “blank sheet of paper” approach to creating mechanical solutions to our clients’ wide range of challenging heating and cooling needs.

MarCraft is able to modify existing systems or other parts and units to work with our TRUCustom system. Some modification work we can do includes:

  • Install others sections onto our base frames
  • Supply and add roof curbs
  • Side by side with single and dual air tunnels
  • Provide weatherization such as standing seam roof, door grip guards, and OA intake hoods
  • Install single point power with separate disconnects for remote exhaust fans
  • Wire convenient electric for lighting and other systems
  • Install vestibule heaters
  • Install direct fired burners with gas trains and control panels
  • Electric heat (downstream of CW coils, and/or 50 Hz)
  • CW piping packages