Case Study: A Pet Food Manufacturer

Custom work is our specialty, but it’s our people and attention to detail that makes us special.



  • 10,000 CFM
  • Natural Gas Heating
  • Custom DX Cooling with integral condensing unit
  • Single point electrical connection
  • Full Allen-Bradley Controls with custom MarCraft programs
  • Hot gas reheat coil


MarCraft designed one 10,000 CFM unit. The unit length was restricted so in order to include the aircooled condensing unit, a 60″ wide service vestibule was included which also contained a custom condensing unit with condenser coils along the side wall. All compressors, receivers and refrigerant piping are internal to the vestibule. The unit was designed to be “plug and play” with a true single point power connection, factory-wired Allen-Bradley controls, factory assembled gas train, and packaged with factory charged R410A DX system.


The pet food manufacturing company is extremely happy with the MarCraft system. The system is installed and operating in the temperature and humidity range of tolerance necessary for the pet food manufacturing company