Case Study: Johnson Space Center

Custom work is our specialty, but it’s our people and attention to detail that makes us special.



  • Provide a makeup air unit producing 25,000 cfm at 12-1/2 in. w.c.
  • Provide a filtration unit producing 50,000 cfm at 29 in. w.c.
  • Both units provided with four levels of filtration, including carbon and HEPA style filters.
  • Low leakage air handlers were required to assist in achieving Class 100 at 0.12 microns while also meeting NASA’s molecular contamination requirements.


MarCraft engineered and built the custom air handling units to meet the stringent specifications using four inch double-wall Reverse Panel™ construction. Our units achieved less than 1% air leakage and met the deflection criteria at the high design pressures required. A continuously welded HEPA filter frame also prevented bypass of partulate around filters.


MarCraft’s TRUCustom™ units are helping to further the James Webb Space Telescope’s exploration of our universe.