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You Make The Choices, You Specify
The Performance, MarCraft Delivers!

MarCraft® TRUCustom™ HVAC Systems provide customers with solutions to their needs by providing flexibility, choices, any combination of construction materials, brands and component types, energy recovery, dehumidification, electrical/wiring and devices, environmental controls packages, in-house piping packages, and complete direct expansion systems - all with available factory performance verification testing.

MarCraft listens to what is wanted and needed, collects the necessary data and analyzes performance expectations. This diligent process ensures that we provide a highly engineered custom product, with exceptional quality and service both before and after the sale.

MarCraft Custom HVAC Systems Are The Perfect Option For:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools and Universities
  • Laboratories
  • Food and beverage processing facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Government
  • Libraries
  • Retrofits with space critical applications
  • Airports
  • Data Centers
  • Pharmaceutical facilities
  • Nuclear facilities
  • Theaters

MarCraft® HVAC Systems come in custom heights, widths and lengths and can deliver an air volume ranging from around 20,000 CFM to greater than 400,000 CFM. MarCraft® will design a unit around your criteria, whether it's a sound sensitive situation, a tight retrofit of an old HVAC system, a system requiring 100% outside air, desiccant dehumidification, heavy filtration, energy recovery and more. Our units are factory assembled and tested and offer ONE call for warranty claims, eliminating timely delays. We also provide full design assistance to reduce project time and cost.

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A few of the many MarCraft Custom HVAC System features and capabilities:

  • 4” wall and roof panels for greater thermal and acoustical performance
  • Low leakage construction – less than 1% at 15” w.c. std.
  • Access panels for removal of all coils and fan wheels
  • Wash-down systems for food manufacturing and other applications
  • Internal floor pan for water retention – no internal seals below floor pan
    lip to reduce any possible leaking of water into wall panel/insulation
  • Fan assembly run test and dynamic balance at the factory
  • Full structural steel base
  • Stainless steel drain-pans in cooling coil sections to prevent rust and
    promote IAQ
  • Stainless steel cooling coil frames and air baffles which extended coil
    life and promotes IAQ
  • High quality paint finish designed to withstand a minimum of 500 hour
    salt spray test
  • Well known component manufacturers used for easy service and parts availability
  • Full custom penthouse capabilities
  • Full thermal break construction
  • Special materials of construction and/or coatings
  • Chilled water / Hot water / Steam 
  • Indirect / Direct fired gas heating
  • Single point power connections
  • Full electrical distribution system
  • Evaporative cooling systems
  • Explosion proof and anti-spark systems
  • Ultra-violet light for bacterial elimination
  • Variety of filtering options
  • Factory built vestibules
  • Multi-zone
  • Energy recovery
  • Dehumidification
  • Integral “Plug and Play” controls packages which can tie into building control system
  • Start-up/installation supervision
  • Unit design and engineering assistance